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TxMQ Launches Disruptive Technologies Group


Amherst, NY, December 15, 2017: TxMQ, an enterprise solutions and consulting company, today announced the formation of its Disruptive Technologies Group. The division will focus on developing solutions for their customers using cutting edge technologies. Primary work effort will be developing Blockchain and Hashgraph based solutions, both technologies based on emerging distributed ledger technologies. The company’s Internet of Things (IOT), Cognitive and AI work will fall under the same group.

Leading this division at the soon to be 40 year old TxMQ, is Craig Drabik, an industry veteran with over 20 years of software development experience to his credit. Having served most recently as a technical lead at KPMG, Craig brings a collaborative work ethic, and a user focused vision to his work.

“I’m looking forward to continuing the vision of TxMQ, to help our customers evolve and transform their businesses using the latest, and most secure platforms and technologies”, said Mr. Drabik.

Blockchain and Hashgraph are two different approaches to distributed ledger based applications. A different way of building and deploying software that promises to be highly secure, highly stable, and highly scalable. Blockchain is the platform upon which Bitcoin, and most other crypto currencies are based.

“While crypto currency does come up fairly often in our conversations with customers, most are not looking to leverage the currency factor, nor the tokenization ability of distributed ledger based applications”, said Chuck Fried, company President. “Still, it’s hard to ignore what’s happening today around crypto currencies and their escalating valuations, so we are talking with some companies about weaving this into their solutions, absolutely”.

One of the services that TxMQ is offering to customers is strategic advisory services. “We find many of our customers are looking for a knowledgeable advisor to guide them on their journey to evaluate these technologies, to keep abreast of what competitors may be doing, and help navigate the minefields often presented by any new technology landscape”, said Miles Roty, Vice President.

For more information, visit our Blockchain page or reach out to our CEO, Chuck Fried at

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Chuck Fried is the president and CEO of TxMQ – an enterprise solutions provider supporting customers in the US and Canada since 1979.

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